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Chevre Recipe

Chevre is the easiest cheese to make. It can be made with cow milk, goats milk, & sheeps milk. It's called something different depending on the animal. For a goat, it's called chevre. It’s a soft cheese. It can be spread on literally anything! Bread, crackers, I’ve even made it sweet and frosted cinnamon rolls with it. So so good!! We put it on chili & on our tacos too. It can also be sprinkled on pizza. Chevre is so versatile!!

So, here is the recipe:

Heat 1 gallon of milk to 86 degrees. I use a starter culture from New England Cheese Making Company. Use 1 packet & sprinkle it over the milk and let it hydrate a couple of minutes. OR you can use 1/2 cup vinegar, maybe a bit more if it doesn’t curdle. Lightly stir in with a slotted spoon for 30 seconds. Let sit all day to form curds in the pot. I set mine aside on the counter with the lid on. After it has sat, gently spoon out the curds into cheese cloth. I tie my cheese cloth to a spoon & let it hang to dry for 4 to 6 hours. I have let mine hang for longer but it becomes dyer if you do. I don’t mind this when using it for tacos & chili but if you want it to be more spreadable hang it for less time. After it has hung, put in a container & get out your crackers & enjoy!!

My timeline for making chevre:

9 am heat milk and set aside

6 pm hang curds

10 pm put chevre in a container for the fridge

If you want it more crumbly, let hang over night & put in the fridge in the morning.

It may take some time to make but not much effort & it’s the most raw cheese you can eat.

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