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Hamburger Bun Recipe

I have been craving smash burgers lately & my Husband makes the best smash burgers. So we have been having burgers every week. Because of this I finally perfected this recipe & wrote it down. I put whey from cheese making in mine & it makes the buns so soft. I’ve also used milk & water before & the recipe turns out great.

I have been milking since April so I also have a stockpile of goat cheese wheels in my fridge right now. A slice of colby goat cheese on these burgers is drool worthy, add fresh lettuce from the garden & home canned pickles… perfection. My onions & tomatoes aren’t ready yet but soooon! 😀

Hamburger Bun Recipe


Active Sourdough Starter (I don’t measure, maybe 1 cup worth)

3 Tablespoons real butter

Sprinkle of salt

1 cup water/milk/whey (any one of those will work)

4 ½ cups flour Add a cup of flour at a time as you mix your dough. You might need a little more or a little less until you form a dough ball.

Cover your dough & let rise for an hour or less if you have a really warm house. Do 1 stretch & fold. Cover & let rise another hour or 2 or until your dough is doubled. Shape into buns & put into the oven. Bake at 350 degrees till lightly golden brown on the top or a toothpick comes out clean. 20 - 30 ish minutes.

Makes 7 to 10 buns depending on how big you want them to be.

My shaping technique is on Instagram, check it out!

Now go make some burgers tonight!! <3


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