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Happenings on the Farm

It has been a busy spring already!! Baby goats, egg layer chicks, meat chicks, all the milk & cheese making & we got a buck rabbit in hopes of adding does eventually to breed for meat rabbits as well. I’ve been in my garden a bit & we have garlic, onions, lettuce, & corn growing so far. I've also transplanted some flowers, pumpkin, and tomato plants. I’ll slowly continue to plant everything through the end of May. I have my flower garden all planted too. I treated myself for Mother’s Day & shopped for flowers with a friend. It was the best!

Milking has been a challenge, you already know this if you follow me on instagram but we finally have a good routine going & we are getting a ½ gallon every morning from 2 goats. One that isn’t even fully grown yet. I was milking 3 but 1 of them was behaving so badly I just up & quit milking her. She was not happy to lose the daily grain but she’ll get over it. I have actually been seriously thinking & praying about selling her.

I have made 6 wheels of cheese so far! 4 colby & 2 farmers cheddar. It is so much fun!! We can cut into our 1st wheel June 3rd & I can not wait!!! I have 1 store bought block of cheddar left & I’m trying to make it last till then. I am really hoping I can make our family of 4 enough cheese to last till milking season 2024. 1 less thing we have to depend on the grocery store for!!

I had 2 bucklings left for a long time but I sold little Firecracker a couple weeks ago. I am thinking of keeping his brother Nugget for an extra wether on the farm & because he is getting along with my 1 year old goat Millie really well. I will be wethering him at 9 weeks. Wether goats are so important on a goat farm. He can be with the girls or the bucks. Our wether Boba is perfect for our homestead. Nugget will be great here too.

We are incubating 2 turkey eggs. June 5th will be hatching day. They take 28 days to hatch. If we don’t hatch eggs we won’t be having turkey for Thanksgiving. I’ve prayed so hard over those 2 eggs! Our turkey hen laid more than just 2 but a skunk got into the coop & ate most of them. Thankfully the turkeys were ok!!

We have egg laying chicks that are about 7 weeks old. I will move them into the chicken coop when they are 10 weeks old & meat chicks that are about 4 weeks old. So much going on here during the spring. I love being this busy.

I am going to start canning again. I get so busy at the start of spring that I have zero time to can but I am getting in a good routine & feel like I can add it back in. I think I am going to can something once a week. This was an idea from a friend.

We are getting a beautiful rainbow of eggs. I think we have 7 to 9 chickens laying. We have definitely kept up on the eating of them!! I eat a hard boiled egg once a day & a raw egg yoke in my tea, the best. Can't wait to see what colors my new 9 egg layers will produce!!

I hope everyone has a fun & safe Memorial Weekend!!


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