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Kidding Season

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Kidding season is soon so that means I have our kidding bucket right next to the front door so if I see a momma go into labor I can rush out the door, bucket in hand!

Out of all the things in my bucket, I use the small gloves & towel the most. The diapers I actually keep in the house not the bucket. All details on supplies below & why you might need them:

Probios • this is for momma if she needs a boost after kidding or any goat for that matter. I've given it to my wether before & he bounced back the next day.

Jumpstart • this is to give the kids if they seem to be struggling & need a little extra nutrition.

Selenium • if the kids have weak legs. I noticed one of my baby goats was limping, I gave him a tiny amount of this & he was a full blown bouncy baby goat the next day.

Water wipes • to clean up momma once she has given birth & the after birth.

Nasal aspirator • I would only use this if the kid was having trouble breathing.

Lube & long gloves • to give momma an assist if she is having trouble giving birth.

Gloves • I've used gloves the most. Nigerian Dwarf goats usually have twins or triplets & so I will help clean off faces & move babies closer to momma if she is already cleaning up the first one up.

Towel • I used this to also clean off babies if momma is having trouble with multiple babies.

Diapers • in case momma rejects a baby & I have to bottle feed. I would bring baby inside my home to do this, hence the diapers.

Not Pictured • I give momma's warm molasses water after giving birth to give them a boost as well as a smidge of grain with raspberry leaves & chamomile. I do this 1, to help momma be still for a while so babies can latch on & nurse & 2, the grain & chamomile will help with milk production & the raspberry leaves help with female health. I also keep goat kid powdered colostrum on hand in case momma rejects a baby.

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