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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Welcome everyone! I’m so glad you're here! Spring is upon us which means we will be deep in milking & baby goats, & all the chicks. My goats are due in April or May. I’ll be milking twice a day for a while. I make yogurt first then chevre (a soft cheese). Then I will start working on wheels of cheese. I made 2 successfully last year & I’m excited to get going on that again!

We are very tired of winter around here but we know the snow will melt eventually. I have big garden plans this year which involves more flowers & lots of produce for our family. Really hoping to add a greenhouse to the property this year. It would stretch our growing season a lot! We are also tapping our birch trees to make birch syrup. We have done it for a couple of years & the syrup is amazing. I am ready to be outside & doing all of the farm things & soaking up the sunshine!

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